Bill Powalinsky announces mayoral candidacy for 2024 municipal election

Nathan Reiter/Daily Herald Prince Albert mayoral candidate Bill Powalinsky poses for a photo on the front steps of City Hall on Thursday afternoon.

There is still a few months to go until the 2024 civic election, but Bill Powalinsky has indicated he will run to be the mayor of Prince Albert.

Powalinsky, who moved to Prince Albert back in 1984, says he wants to see the city return to the heights it was at when he first arrived.

“I think enough people have indicated their support and my wish is for the city to move towards that distinction of being one of the 10 best places to live in Canada as it was in 1984.”

Powalinsky has been involved in many community initiatives during his time living in Prince Albert including being a founding board member and Vice-President of SHARE Inc., a board member of Riverbank Developments, President of the PA and Area community foundation and is a past chair of the PA and Area Chamber of Commerce.

In official capacities, Powalinsky has worked as a Project Officer with Sask Housing, a manager with Service Canada and as the Executive Director of the Saskatchewan Association for Community Living.

After attending several ward meetings across the city, Powalinsky says crime and homelessness are two of the most major issues in the city.

“I think at the end of four years, my measurement would be a reduction in both crime and homelessness. I think homelessness and crime (are) a complex issue. However, I think if you can disrupt organized crime, if you can disrupt the supply line for big dealers, that will be one thing that will reduce crime.

“I know that there’s gang issues, and I think if you lean heavily on the gangs and make life difficult, they’ll sooner realize that PA is not the community to be doing that activity. There’s the episodic, pop-up crimes of opportunity. Chief Nogier has talked to a couple of ward meetings about his plans for using informatics to better predict and to be able to deal with crime. I really feel we have to let the police force do their thing. I really feel that when the police commission and the chief put forward a budget request, we should be supporting that. To do anything less shortens their effectiveness.”

The level of taxes and the state of the City’s finances are other areas Powalinsky would like to improve upon, if elected.

“I look at the fact that we seem to be in a more dire position than we were years ago with homelessness, crime, and economic development.” Powalinsky explained. “I know there’s a couple of big projects planned. They are typically short-lived in terms of employment. I really believe that things like the downtown streetscape and riverfront development was an excellent idea to bring small business to the city core. Small businesses are not going to go to Cornerstone, but they’re going to look at a desirable downtown as being a good place and increase tax revenue and decrease the tax burden on the citizens.”

At the time of publishing, mayor Greg Dionne has put his name forward for re-election. No other candidates have indicated they are running for mayor. The 2024 civic election is scheduled for November 13.