A big step forward

The City of Prince Albert held their final community consultation at the Gateway Mall on Thursday. City administrators will now take their plans to city council for approval. -- Jason Kerr/Daily Herald

Parking and infill lots were just two of the issues being looked at as City of Prince Albert administrators held their final zoning bylaw community consultation on Thursday.

The consultation at Gateway Mall was the last in a series of events designed to receive feedback about proposed changes to the zoning bylaw.

The city wants to create a larger variety of housing in its residential areas, and encourage mixed-use development, which would see commercial areas accommodate residential uses.

John Guenther, Prince Albert’s director of planning and development services, said there were a number of obstacles to consider, but overall the changes would prove beneficial.

“This should help stimulate business opportunities too because of the (increased) flexibility you allow for industrial and commercial (zones), as long as it doesn’t impact

the big three: noise traffic and smell.

Parking is one of the biggest issues for administrators going forward. Guenther said the city has fairly relaxed parking laws, especially in the downtown area, which is important because the amount of parking has a large effect on the cost of new developments.

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