Beethoven comes to Prince Albert

Show judge jack Ireland examines Goober at the Prince Albert Exhibition Centre, as rivals and spectators look on. Photo: Arthur White-Crummey/Daily Herald

His name is Grand Champion Meadowpark’s Goober V Regalbear. Just Goober, for short. He eats four pounds of raw chicken every day, and a can of tuna on Thursdays. He weighs 183 pounds.

This weekend, he took the Prince Albert Exhibition Centre by storm.

Goober is currently the number one Saint Bernard in Canada. On Friday, he won his fifth all-breed Best in Show at the Prince Albert Kennel and Obedience Club dog show.

Goober drew glances of recognition from across the hall. It wasn’t just for his show work, but for his appearances on the big screen. Goober is a dog actor. He performed in an A&W commercial and starred in the latest Beethoven sequel, 2014’s Beethoven’s Treasure Tail. His co-star, Jonathan Silverman, called him “a pleasure to work with.”

“This is a very smart, well-behaved and gentle creature,” Silverman said in an interview with a Christian lifestyle blog. “Our scenes together were all so much fun. And he turned out to be a terrific scene partner. Physically agile, with his kind, soulful eyes.”

Goober had to shift up to top gear at the Prince Albert show, where he competed in four tournaments over two days. At each step, his handler said, the competition was fierce.

“For some reason, we’re in the middle of noplace, in PA, and some of the top working dogs in the country are here,” said Jim Laurie.

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