Art in the Garden brings artisans and gardeners together at plant exchange

Photo courtesy of Garry Miller. A group of plants grow outside Garry Miller’s acreage in Christopher Lake.

For the past two years, Christopher Lake horticulturalist Garry Miller has been opening his acreage to gardeners hoping to find a unique plant for their own yard at the Ultimate Perennial Plant Exchange

On Saturday, he’ll open the exchange for a third year, with the added component of artisans, vendors, and decorators as part of Art in the Garden. Miller said artists and gardeners have a lot in common.

“People who are serious garden enthusiasts, they take pride in their yard, their landscape,” Miller said. “It’s like an artist’s canvas. I feel that way very strongly about my own landscape that I have. It’s my canvas where I can put my creativity out there for other people to see.”

Gardeners aren’t just solo creators, Miller said. They like to collaborate, and that means adding outdoor décor from local artists to accentuate their yards and gardens.

Miller said many gardening enthusiasts like to show off their yard, so it made sense to setup Art in the Garden, and bring in local artisans who can help them do it.

“Garden enthusiasts, they like to be able to have their yard be a showpiece for others to see, so the Art in the Garden, the idea was to dovetail with the Perennial Plant Exchange,” he explained.

Art in the Garden is just one part of Miller’s annual plant exchange. The event draws horticulture enthusiasts from Meadow Lake, Flin Flon, and Regina.

Miller said they arrive hoping to grow their knowledge, as well as their garden.

“I feel that’s very important for people to be able to network with one another, whether they’re experienced or whether they’re novices,” he explained. “That’s what I like to see, particularly at this event. I like to see people networking. I like to see people communicating. Sometimes I wish I could just be a fly on the wall, just listening to some of the conversations that go on.”

Miller said there are plenty of gardening enthusiasts on social media website like Facebook, but they don’t always communicate. Individuals from one group will talk to individuals from another, he explained, but the groups as a whole don’t often get together.

He’s hoping events like the Perennial Plant Exchange can help change that. So far, it’s been successful.

“I had no idea that this was going to take roots and was going to grow the way it has grown,” Miller said. “The response has been nothing short of remarkable, not just in my local community.”

Miller has been involved with the Saskatchewan Perennial Society for several years. He will be one of three speakers imparting their knowledge during the event. Other speakers include Keri Sapsford of the Backyard Compost Corner.

Art in the Garden beings a 10 a.m. on Saturday, June 8. There will also be a plant sale, music, and concessions. The speakers begin at 10:30 a.m.

The Perennial Plant Exchange begins at 1 p.m. Residents need to pre-register to participate. For more information, visit the Ultimate Perennial Plant Exchange group on Facebook.

Miller’s acreage is on Ajawan St. in Grey Owl Estates.