All staff in Catholic Division to receive Truth and Reconciliation training

Daily Herald File Photo

Most Prince Albert Catholic School Division staff will complete the Four Seasons of Truth and Reconciliation training program by the end of 2021, trustees heard at a regular board meeting on Monday.

Education Director Lorel Trumier said they’ll try and get as many members as possible through the program by Dec. 31, but some training may trickle into next year.

“Sometimes there are reasons that staff are unable to complete it, but that’s our goal: to make sure everyone has gone through Truth and Reconciliation training,” she explained

The First Nations University of Canada created the program school division staff are using. The goal of the course is to provide basic foundational knowledge about Truth and Reconciliation.

“Our board members were the first to participate in that training,” Trumier said. “It was very important that (staff) take the lead and obviously we as senior administration have done that as well.”

The board started planning in June 2020 to have trustees take part. The Saskatchewan School Boards Association (SSBA) offered to subsidize the program for trustees.

The goal is to make sure every staff member in the division participates.

”The first part of Truth and Reconciliation is understanding truth so that we can reconcile the world around us and support those who need the support,” Trumier said.