Aiden’s Story – ‘I wish to go to Florida’

Photo courtesy Make A Wish. Aiden Cole Tessmer in Florida.

Aiden, age 7, gastrointestinal disorder

Like other kids his age, Aiden is a curious seven-year-old who enjoys reading and learning everything he can about dinosaurs. In the summer months, he likes playing on the beach and swimming. When he’s home with his grandparents, he watches movies, plays video games, and sings.

But unlike other kids, Aiden — who was born with a rare gastrointestinal disorder — has spent most of the first four years of his life in hospital. He’s bravely undergone 62 surgeries, procedures, and invasive tests. A gastrostomy tube provides him with additional nutrition and calories to help him gain a healthy weight. Aiden’s other medical issues have complicated his recovery. So, it came as no surprise to learn that Aiden wanted to experience a carefree week of fun in the sun!

Last February, Aiden’s wish to get on a plane and visit his favourite Florida theme parks came true. Aiden and his grandparents stayed at the non-profit resort, Give Kids The World Village. The trio explored every adrenalin-pumping ride they could, rode horses and interacted with costumed characters.

“Thank you for helping to make Aiden’s wish come true,” said his grandmother, Jocelyn. “It was unbelievable and something we would have never been able to do without the help of Make-A-Wish!” She added that throughout the trip, it was good to see Aiden so excited and happy.

Hope is essential for children with critical illnesses, and its life-changing power is unlocked when wishes like Aiden’s are granted. Together we can continue to transform lives, one wish at a time.