A taste of multiculturalism

Guests fill their plates with food from different cultures. (Jayda Noyes/Daily Herald)

Jayda Noyes, Daily Herald

Prince Albert celebrates Saskatchewan Multicultural Week by trying foods from around the world

The Prince Albert Multicultural Council hosted a potluck on Thursday evening with presentations from their English language students.

The annual event is for the province’s multicultural week from Nov. 17 to 25.

While guests chowed down on cultural dishes like Columbian peto, taco dip, elk stew, empanadas and desserts, they listened to five presentations from English language learners about their home countries.

Acting Executive Director of the Multicultural Council, Michelle Hassler, described the event’s importance.

“What we encourage with our clients is to do more conversation because that’s one way to practice and be engaged in the community and they can practice more talking, so this event is also one way for them to do that,” she said. “So it’s all about learning and it’s all about sharing each other’s culture.”

Youjin Lin did her presentation in a traditional South Korean outfit.

She taught everyone how to say ‘hi’ or ‘hello’ in Korean and spoke about brands invented in South Korea like Samsung and Hyundai.

Youjin Lin makes her presentation about her home country, South Korea. (Jayda Noyes/DailyHerald)

Other presentations were about Congo, Columbia, and Germany–aspects of each included population, weather, celebrities, food and politics.

Hassler estimated about 50 people showed up, which she described as the perfect turnout for what they like to be a “small, intimate gathering.”

She added all their events are open to the entire community: “We encourage everybody–newcomers, (the) Indigenous community, Canadian-born citizens to please come and enjoy.”

“(We’re) really doing our best to promote multiculturalism and to promote anti-racism initiatives,” said Hassler.

The potluck was also free of charge.