49 charges laid by RCMP in COVID-19 related calls since March

(Submitted photo/RCMP)

From March 1 to Nov. 30  the Saskatchewan RCMP has received a total of 3,300 COVID-19 related calls for service in the Province. They have laid 49 charges.

“The vast majority of COVID-related calls for service were resolved by educating individuals about the Public Health Orders (PHO) in place and the potential health and enforcement consequences that can result from non-compliance with the PHO. As police officers, we are responsible for ensuring our actions do not put others at risk while doing our part to slow the spread of the virus. We need you to do the same and this starts by following and familiarizing yourself with the PHOs,” the release by the RCMP said.

In November, the RCMP received 342 COVID-19 related calls for service. These included     128 complaints of individuals not self-isolating,  92 large gathering complaints, 20 masking complaints,14 traveller check complaints and    88 other COVID-related complaints. 

Of these calls for service, police have charged seven individuals under the Province’s Public Health Orders for contravening Sec. 61 of The Public Health Act, 1994. The location of the charges are identified in accordance with the provincial government’s COVID-19 map.

Two individuals in the North Central zone, which includes Prince Albert were charged with not self-isolating despite being advised to do so by local health authorities. There were also single cases in the Far North West and Far North Central of the same charges.

There were three charges for large gathering in the three Far North sub-zones, Far North East, Far North Central and Far North West.

According to the RCMP, each charge is a summary offence ticket, issued under a provincial statute. These charges are not a criminal offence and the names of those charged will not be released.