1,099 new cases, five more in hospital

Omicron cases are increasing.

The province reported 1,099 new cases of COVID-19 on Jan. 9, along with an additional five hospitalizations.

The hospitalized cases include 106 people receiving inpatient care and 13 people in ICU.

Of the 119 hospitalized people, 45.4 per cent were not fully vaccinated.

In the 106 inpatient people 36 have incidental infections and are asymptomatic, 59 are there with COVID related illness and 11 have not yet been determined.

Amongst the 13 ICU patients, 10 are there with COVID-related disease, two are incidental and one is undetermined.

The North Central zone has one additional hospitalization for a total of nine. One of those is in ICU.

North Central had 25 new cases reported today and now has 257 active cases. So far, 8,248 people are considered recovered from the virus.

Of the new cases, 10 were in Prince Albert, which now has 160 active cases, 11 were in North Central 1 (Christopher Lake, Candle Lake Smeaton), which now has 58 active case and four were in North Central 3, which now has 39 active cases.

There were 134 tests reported today and 174 doses of vaccine were given out. That resulted in another 99 people being considered fully vaccinated for a total of 60,764 in the zone.

Provincially, there are now 2,305 active cases in Saskatoon, 1,925 in Regina, 647 in the South East Zone and 552 in the Central East zone.

Next in order of magnitude of active cases are South Central (354), North Central (257), North West (217), South West (210), North East (159) and Central West (156).

The lowest three zones are the Far North West (76), Far North East (47) and Far North Central with two cases.

So far, there have been 2,245 probably cases of Omicron and 629 confirmed cases. Of those, 44 probably cases are in the North Central zone and 11 have been confirmed.

Provincial vaccination numbers are 1,968 new doses with an additional 1,230 people now fully vaccinated. Of the eligible population that is five and older, 867,267 are fully vaccinated.