Your City, Your Decision

I’ve waited 1461 days to stand here for another chance to prove that I truly want to give back and serve each and every one of you. I want you to think about this for a moment. If someone waited 4 years for the chance to take you on a date or ask you out, would you question their commitment? My guess is no, you would not. What I hope to accomplish here tonight is to gain your confidence and assure you that I am the right candidate who will work directly for you and your families, someone who will personally make a difference in your life and put you, your health and your safety before anything else. You will get my undivided attention. By standing here again after 4 years of maturing as a person, I believe that proves beyond a doubt that I am relentless and will not quit or give up on you, your families or this city. My goal is to be a Mayor for the people no matter what color you are, whether you are a Sask Party or NDP supporter, your age, sex or social status. I believe I can bring us together. Our seniors are being neglected, our youth are overlooked, our city employees are not happy, the crime is destroying our city, spending is out of control, our home values are deteriorating, our taxes and utility bills are outrageous, we’ve lost thousands of jobs here and the special interest of a few people and groups in this city are ruining the lives for the majority of us. It is time to put YOU first.

My promise to you today is clear. You are my top priority. You are the ones who I will answer to and most of all, you are the ones I will fight for each and every day. As Mayor, I will not back down from issues and I will ensure accountability and responsibility at city hall. My door will never be closed and my goal is to meet each and every one of you over the next 4 years. When our city needs funding or support from the federal or provincial government, I will not take no for an answer. I will not wait with my hand out and continually use the excuse that nothing can be done. We are Prince Albert and we are the toughest city in Saskatchewan. It’s time we properly introduce ourselves. This is not the time to take away from you it is the time to support you and I will lead by example.

It is time to reclaim our city and only your support can achieve this.

I will reduce taxes and protect your home value and investments.

I will Increase the quality of your services, find efficiencies in water, sewer and waste to lower your bills.

I will control wasteful spending and ensure a dollar spent will give you a dollar fifty in return.

I will Increase summer holidays for city employees with a new focus on the family initiative. We will work harder but we will also play harder.

To each and every resident of this city, I will focus on the health and happiness of you and your family.

If you are a police officer, your non confidence was heard loud and clear and you have my complete support.

Our fire department, your concerns and needs will be addressed.

If you are a working in corrections, I want to thank you for what you do and will support you however I can.

To the teachers, I am one of your biggest fans.

If you are a senior, you have waited far too long to feel safe and secure in this city.

To every healthcare worker, you and your colleagues are absolutely incredible with everything you have done throughout this pandemic.

To all the teenagers, and children, one of my biggest accomplishments was winning your high school vote last election. I will be that Mayor who interacts, listens and opens my door to issues that affect your well-being.

To the First Nations and Metis members of our city, our relationship and partnership will improve dramatically and become one that future generations will talk about.

And finally…… to the visitors, criminals and problem makers, you will no longer disrespect, abuse or mistreat our residents, our homes, our businesses, or our city any longer.

This is our family and This is our City

I am Josh Morrow and I am respectfully asking for the opportunity to listen, learn and work incredibly hard for you and your families’ futures.


Josh Morrow for Mayor.