Weather woes lead to roof request for St. Catherine School

Daily Herald File Photo

Fluctuating weather conditions have led to a problem with the roof at St. Catherine School.  

The school is experiencing roof leaks over the gym storage and classroom storage areas. 

“The heavy rains and freezing rain caused flashing and shifting so we had some water damage come into the school. So we are certainly going to appeal to the Ministry of Education to access emergent funding,” director of education Lorel Trumier said. 

After discussion, the motion to approve the application to the Ministry of Education emergent funding program was approved by trustees. 

During the meeting, Chief Financial Officer Greg McEwen explained that a contractor looked at it and approximately 1,000 square feet of roof has to be replaced from the vapour barrier to the SBS roof membrane. 

The estimated cost is $30,000 and was not planned or budgeted for. McEwen said that this program would be explored before looking at other funding options. McEwen expects an answer quickly and if emergent issues funding is not an option, the division can look at Preventative Maintenance and Renewal (PMR) funding.

Division plans to continue support for Music Festival 

The Prince Albert Catholic School Division usually supports the Prince Albert Music Festival with three scholarships per year. They plan to continue that support but in a different fashion for 2021. 

During last  Monday’s regular meeting, trustee Chrissy Halliday put forward a motion to continue the support even though the usual disciplines they sponsor are not taking place. 

“The board continues to be dedicated to supporting those scholarships. Unfortunately COVID is going to dictate this year’s music festival not unlike many events. However I am happy to hear that the festival is still working towards one for next year so that’s going to be great and the board is committed to supporting it,” director of education Lorel Trumier said. 

Typical disciplines that are supported with scholarships include choral, group and band and those will not be part of the 2021 festival. Because of this, the Festival board did not request a donation. 

Trumier explained that these scholarships are to support parts of the festival that have strong participation from the Catholic Division. 

In the original request, the Music Festival requested deferring to the 2022 Festival.