Visiting resumes at Sask Pen

Family members with loved ones serving time at Saskatchewan Penitentiary will be able to visit their loved ones – just in time for Christmas.

According to a report by Global News, the institution has moved to a modified routine after a riot last week where one inmate was killed and two others injured. A further six inmates were injured during the guards’ response to the riot.

Global News reported that the minimum security unit is back to its normal routine, while the medium and maximum units are on a modified routine, but prisoners are allowed to take showers and make phone calls again, and visitation is being scheduled.

An undisclosed number of inmates were moved to other institutions, as the area the riot took place undergoes repair. While Correctional Service Canada (CSC) won’t reveal where the prisoners were sent, citing privacy concerns, sources have told the Herald the inmates were sent to Edmonton.

CSC has said the institution will return to normal when managers deem it safe to do so.