Turnover in SRSC presents challenges in Sask Rivers

Saskatchewan Rivers School Division Photo (L to R) Board Chair Darlene Rowden swore in new SRSC urban trustee Courtney Horan at the division's regular board meeting on Monday.

There is a new urban trustee for the Saskatchewan Rivers Students for Change (SRSC).

Courtney Horan was inducted at the Saskatchewan Rivers regular board meeting on Monday. She replaces Max Pahtayken, who resigned ahead of the meeting on Jan. 16.

Horan was elected at the Sask. Rivers Students for Change meeting on Jan. 16. In a release, the division said that she is excited to join the Board in this prestigious position.

Director of education Robert Bratvold said it has been a challenge keeping the student trustee positions filled, something he partially blames on interruptions caused by COVID.

“The challenge is to really convey the value and the importance of trustees, of the student trustee at the table, to the larger group like the larger group of SRSC students (who are) doing some fantastic work, finding the groove and doing some advocacy and support,” he said.

Bratvold cited an SRSC letter of concern regarding Departmental Exams that was sent to Minister of Education Dustin Duncan as one example of advocacy performed by the group. Bratvold said the board appreciates the work the SRSC does, but said it’s been challenging to translate that into a consistent voice at the board table.

Horan is a student at Wesmor Public High School and recently sat on the Board’s calendar committee bringing a student perspective to the creation of the 2023-24 calendar. Bratvold said they continue to work on the calendar.

Along with Pahtayken resigning, the originally elected rural trustee, Mallie Mitchell from Birch Hills School, resigned her position in October due to other community and school commitments. She was replaced by Big River High School Grade 12 student Deziree Zacharias.