The Grinch, Santa and Cindy Lou Who scheduled to make appearance at Prince Albert fundraiser

The Grinch, Cindy Lou Who, and Santa Claus pose for a photo at the East End Arena during the 2022 fundraiser at the East End Arena. All three will be back for the 2023 event on Sunday. -- Herald file photo.

The East End Arena will have three very special visitors on Sunday.

The Grinch, Cindy Lou Who and Santa Claus are all expected to be in attendance from 12pm to 5pm. There will be hot chocolate, candy canes, coloring available for kids and letter writing to Santa.

The man behind the Grinch spoke to the Daily Herald on Tuesday afternoon.

“The Grinch is absolutely ecstatic to be coming to Prince Albert because it’s going to be an amazing time. Great city. Words will not describe how amazing it will be and how amazing this event is going to be this year.”

There will be two raffles for stockings worth $500 each with tickets going for just five dollars. There will also be a door prize raffle with tickets only going for one dollar.

All funds raised will be donated to the pediatric unit at the Victoria Hospital Foundation and the veteran’s unit at Mont. St. Joseph.

The Grinch says the trio chose those two charities to donate money for different reasons.

“I spent time in the hospital as a kid. We always feel children are extremely important and they’re young and it’s tough on them. We want to give back and with whatever they need, equipment, whatever they need to do at the hospital.

“I find that extremely important to be giving back to our veterans that have served our country and continue to serve the country. We feel it’s important to be giving back and helping out those veterans, especially the ones that are injured or have retired from the service and now find themselves in a care home. So those are why we chose those two charities.”

Last year’s event raised more than $1,600.