Tenille Arts returning to Sask. for P.A. show

Photo by Rachel Deeb.

Scott Roos, Herald Contributor

Country music recording artist Tenille Arts will be returning to her home province of Saskatchewan to play a show here in Prince Albert at the Northern Lights Casino on Thursday, Feb. 13th with her full backing band in tow. Born and raised in Weyburn, Tenille now resides in Nashville and, despite having performed in the past few months at the Grand Ole Opry, singing on ABC’s reality show The Bachelor for an unprecedented third time, and belting out the national anthem at a Toronto Raptors game in New York City, it’s obvious that she looks forward to coming back to the “land of living skies”.

“It’s awesome to come back now after all this time creating music in Nashville and to be able to come back and still have the support of my home province is really great. So I’m looking forward to seeing hopefully a lot of familiar faces but also some new ones of people who have discovered my music just in these past few years,” explained Tenille in a recent telephone interview.

This will be the first time that Tenille has been able to perform songs from her recently full length entitled Love, Heartbreak and Everything In Between in Canada which has Tenille both nervous and excited. The record, which is kind of a concept album that features four songs about love, four songs about heartbreak and four songs about other subjects (the everything in between) was penned and recorded in Nashville with a variety of producers and co-writers but also features two songs that Tenille wrote herself – the gut wrenching ballad “Another Life” and the whimsical, medium tempo stomper “Right Guy Wrong Time”.

Speaking of these self penned songs, Tenilles says, “I really just try to be as honest as I can be because I’ve learned that if you can be honest in your music people have probably been through something similar and they’ll actually be able to relate to things a lot more than you think they will. So for me I was just trying to be honest and put that story out there and it can be a little bit scary but I think it was worth the risk for this record. ”

In terms of the remainder of the album, it’s very slick from start to finish. It has that “big budget”, “new country” feel. Especially evident in the lead single “Somebody Like That”, there’s the big choruses, the pop sensibilities and the pinch of twang needed to provide that air of country legitimacy. From start to finish on Love, Heartbreak and Everything in Between, it’s evident that Tenille is on the cusp of superstardom and seeing her perform live in Prince Albert will be worth every penny.

The show itself will include a dinner with doors opening at 5:30 pm. Tickets are only $40.00 and are available on SIGA Box Office.