Suspected car thieves crash, get busted by police dog

Police Service Dog Daxa. Submitted photo

A suspected car thief crashed after fleeing from Prince Albert police, and then took off on foot with a pair of accomplices.

But a police service dog successfully tracked the three suspects down.

Police received a complaint of a stolen vehicle just after midnight on Sunday. They searched the area and spotted the vehicle on Branion Drive. They switched on their lights and sirens, but the driver refused to stop.

He didn’t get far. Around the corner of 5 Avenue East and 28 Street East, police reported, the vehicle lost control and crashed into a tree. All three occupants fled on foot, prompting patrol officers to close off the area.

Police Service Dog Daxa was called in to track the suspects. After approximately 45 minutes Daxa and her handler Constable Bighetty found all three of them. They were placed under arrest.

The suspects are all between the ages of 16 and 17 years old. All three are charged with evading a police officer in a vehicle and auto theft over $5,000.