A strong art ecology

File photo E.A. Rawlinson Centre general manager Darren McCaffery said in 2016 Prince Albert experienced an artistic “renaissance.”

E.A. Rawlinson Centre’s Darren McCaffery calls 2016 a year of artistic growth for P.A.

Citing the arrival of new performance spaces and increased collaboration between disparate arts bodies, E.A. Rawlinson Centre general manager Darren McCaffery says 2016 was a year of artistic rebirth in Prince Albert.

“I just see a renaissance happening,” McCaffery said.

“With new venues coming on-stream, Plaza 88, the Rock Trout, I just see lots of new, exciting things happening within the performing arts community. The new theatre company in town, Spark Theatre, they’re doing a full season, plus we have Odyssey, plus we have SmokeScreen Productions with their production of Zoo Story. There’s lots going on, it’s great.”

McCaffery credits the younger leaders in the arts community, as well as the Prince Albert Arts Board, which he said has “found its voice” in recent years, for pushing art groups to work together. The Arts Board, for example, includes representatives of the visual arts, performing arts, literary arts, media arts and music.

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