Street fair multicultural tour encouraging locals to continue traditional ways of life

Michelle Hassler, executive director of the Prince Albert Multicultural Council. (Herald file photo)

A multicultural tour at Saturday’s street fair is giving residents the opportunity to learn more about ways of life in other countries.

The Walk the World Tour will take place between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. in the Prince Albert Multicultural Council (PAMC) parking lot on Central Avenue. PAMC students from a variety of countries – including India, Ukraine, the Phillippines, Syria and Nigeria – will be speaking about their roots.

Executive director Michelle Hassler said many have a general background of other countries, such as the flags or food. What most don’t get, though, is an in-depth look at values and traditions that make the cultures unique.

“As newcomers, any opportunity that they can get to be able to share their culture, their tradition, their values, it is an honour for us to be able to kind of showcase that,” she said.

It’s also beneficial for the PAMC students.

“That also would go beyond cultural awareness, it’s also cultural continuity. It’s because they are able to still practice and share their culture freely here in Canada.”

Hassler explained that youth who come to Canada often face culture and language loss. Events like the Walk the World Tour allow them to continue their traditional ways of life in a new country.

“The younger ones will get to see and experience it and hopefully be able to continue it,” she said.

The tour started two years ago as an independent event in the midst of the pandemic. Hassler said she hopes it allows people to feel like they can travel the world safely, in their own community.

Street fair will also include a “cultural village” ran by the Prince Albert Grand Council. That event, which will be located west of the boat launch on River Street, will represent the Indigenous culture.

“Street fair has become all inclusive,” said Hassler.

“PAMC would like to be apart of that diversity and that inclusivity in our events and our activities in the community.”

The Walk the World Tour is one of several activities that will be set up along Central Avenue on Saturday. It will also feature two entertainment stages, kids activities, food trucks and a classic car show.