Second Crutwell evacuation order lifted

Photo courtesy Lyndsey Hansen. The Rally wildfire near Holbein burns Saturday.

For the second time in two days, an evacuation order issued for the Hamlet of Crutwell has been issued, only to be cancelled a few hours later.

The first evacuation order was sent out Monday afternoon, as nearby wildfire burning south of Holbein breached its east dozer guard, threatning the hamlet. That order was lifted in the early evening.

The process repeated itself Tuesday, with an evacuation order being issued at about 2 p.m., only to be lifted at 9 p.m.

The decision whether or not to evacuate lies with the individual municipality. The province provides advice and input to help local officials make their decision.

As of Tuesday night, the fire near Holbein, named the Rally fire, was still listed as not contained, and was burning an area of 2,105 hectares, or 21.05 square kilometres.

Screenshot/Government of Saskatchewan.
This highlighted area, taken from a screenshot of the province’s interactive fire activity map, shows the approximate size of the Rally fire as of Tuesday afternoon.