Saskatchewan Rivers board to meet with SSBA in June

The Sask Rivers Education Centre/ Daily Herald File Photo

The Saskatchewan School Boards Association is planning on attending the Saskatchewan Rivers School Division board meeting in June.

Though final details have not been confirmed, the division knows that staff and the executive will be in attendance.

“We haven’t actually confirmed who is going to attend but June 19 is when (it’s scheduled),” education director Robert Bratovld said. “We are not sure if their expectation is that it is part of the regular meeting or if it is an in camera closed session.

“I suspect it might be a session with the board before a meeting because I am not sure the SSBA staff and executive would have an interest in sitting through a regular meeting but they will meet with us and talk about things we do so I think that is likely what it is going to be,” he added.

The board of education is lucky in that rural trustee Jaimie Smith-Windsor is the current president of the SSBA.

“It will be good to meet with the SSBA executives, Jaimie is the President of the SSBA so we have the luxury of her perspectives and contribution at the board table on a regular basis but it will be good to hear from the SSBA collectively,” Bratvold said.

The board is also finalizing planning for their regular set of school tours on May 5 to 6.

“That’s something the board always looks forward to getting to connect with the staff and students in school in real time, so that’s something we look forward to,” Bratvold said.

“We rotate through the schools so they all have a regular opportunity to have a visit from the board. Next fall we will go another tour so we get through all 33 schools on a regular basis,” he added.