Sask. Rivers to begin consultation on Carlton soccer pitch name

Herald file photo. The University of Saskatchewan Huskies takes on the Vancouver Whitecaps youth squad in an exhibition game in Prince Albert in this file photo from 2015.

The soccer pitch near Carlton Comprehensive High School and Prime Minister’s Park could have a new name in the near future.

At their regular meeting on Monday, the Saskatchewan Rivers School Division board of education began laying the groundwork to rename the field.

“That was a suggestion that came from the city,” education director Robert Bratvold said. “We have got an administrative procedure around the naming of the field, so we will start the committee and do some community consultation and arrive at some suggestions for the board to consider.”

The division’s formal naming process calls for the board to create a committee that will discuss possible names with the teams and organizations affected by the decision. Bratvold said calls to name areas like the soccer pitch come around every so often, but aren’t always followed.

“It kind of ebbs and flows,” he explained. “There was about eight or 10 years ago some sort of interest in naming some libraries or gyms, but then not a whole lot came of it. Then, there has been some more interest in the last couple of years again.”

Once the committee work is complete, the board will receive a report and then vote on the official naming of the field.

Bratvold said that there is no definitive timeline on the process, but anticipated that it could be done in three to four months.

“I am thinking by the end of the school year likely, but it really depends on, once the committee is struck, how often they can meet and all of the consultations that they have to do,” he explained. “I suspect it won’t take longer than by the end of the school year.”

The formal naming could take place at the beginning of the next school year if the board chooses to rename the field.

“It might be a better thing as a school start up sort of thing,” he said. “That’s a little bit of something to consider in the naming process—that timing of it—but I suspect it could happen in the next four to six months.”

The motion was brought forward out of the closed session which precedes the public session of the board meeting.