Rebekah’s Story

I wish to have a she shed

Rebekah, 7
cystic fibrosis

Rebekah, a dynamic 10-year-old, is very creative and loves to sing. She enjoys drawing, building with LEGO, crafting, dancing, and is working on creating her own board game. Rebekah was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis when she was just a newborn, and although it’s been a long, tough journey, her family is thankful for all of the support she’s received along the way. Hoping for a place where she can play with her friends and relax, Rebekah wished to have her very own she shed.

On her wish day, Rebekah was surprised by a picture of her she shed being moved into her backyard by a crane. “I started to get so excited, jumping around the room (and) running around the house,” she said. Once the shed was in its spot, Rebekah was blindfolded and lead by her family and friends out into the backyard for the big reveal. A tour revealed the double French doors, white walls and loft space she had imagined.

Rebekah’s she shed.

“We’re thankful to Make-A-Wish because this is a really special, exciting, excellent thing and Rebekah’s very excited by this,” said her dad. “I’m sure she’s going to enjoy this for years to come.”

Rebekah says she’s also wishing for the best for others fighting the same disease as her. “I hope that everyone else with cystic fibrosis like me is really healthy.”

Hope is essential for children with critical illnesses and you can unlock its life-changing power.