Province reports 69 new cases in North Central Sunday

(File photo/Jayda Taylor)

Saskatchewan health officials reported 69 new cases of COVID-19 in North Central on Sunday.

This was among 1,427 total cases in the province.

The Saskatoon Zone led the province with 409 new cases. Saskatchewan now has 11,465 active cases.

North Central 2, which is Prince Albert, has 282 active cases. North Central 1, which includes communities such as Christopher Lake, Candle Lake and Meath Park, has 103 active cases and North Central 3 has 71 active cases.

Nine cases that tested positive out of province were added to North Central on Sunday.

No new deaths related to the virus were reported. There have been 961 deaths related to COVID-19 reported in Saskatchewan since the start of the outbreak.

There are now 1,684 total confirmed Omicron cases with 39 in North Central.

According to the province, 40.9 per cent of new cases are in the 20 to 39 age category.

The province noted this week that since Jan. 1, the New Cases by Vaccination Status table has shown a significant number of new cases as unvaccinated. This data is not accurate. This table is no longer featured on the dashboard until a review of the information is complete and the data rectified.

There are currently 162 COVID-19 patients in hospital, 62 of which are not fully vaccinated, across the province, with 150 receiving inpatient care and 12 in the ICU. North Central has 11 patients in hospital.

The SHA dashboard includes 150 hospitalizations, of these 150 residents are inpatient and of those, 65 inpatient hospitalizations are a COVID-19-related illness, 55 are incidental, asymptomatic infections and 31 have not yet been determined. Of the 12 residents are in ICU, seven are for COVID-19-related illnesses and five are for incidental, asymptomatic infections.

The current seven-day average for new cases is 1,169 or 97.0 cases per 100,000 population.

Another 347 recoveries were reported on Friday, bringing the total number of recoveries to 87,747.

Since the start of the pandemic, 21,643 cases are from the North area (9,472 North West, 8,966 North Central and 3,205 North East).

There were 4,038 COVID-19 tests processed in Saskatchewan on Saturday. As of Jan. 16, there have been 1,382,287 COVID-19 tests performed in Saskatchewan.

There were 2,145 doses of COVID-19 vaccine administered in Saskatchewan bringing the total number of vaccines administered in the province to 1,829,357.

There were 157 doses administered in the North Central Zone reported on Sunday.

According to the province 61,421 individuals are fully vaccinated in North Central.