Province extends public health orders to middle of February

(Screen Capture) Premier Scott Moe and Chief Medical Health Officer Dr. Saqib Shahab speak to reporters during a press conference.

The current public health order will remain in effect until Feb. 19, 2021, the Government of Saskatchewan announced Tuesday.

At a press conference, Premier Scott Moe explained that numbers are moving in the right direction but measures should continue.

“The restrictions that we have are working but we need to leave them in place for a while longer,” Moe said.

Measures remaining in place for another three weeks include limiting private indoor gatherings to immediate households with some exceptions for people living alone and caregivers and private outdoor gatherings remaining at a limit of 10 as long as physical distancing can be maintained.

On the business side, most retail and personal services are still reduced to 50 per cent capacity and large retail locations are reduced to 25 per cent capacity. Restaurants remain limited to four customers per table and three meters between tables for in-person dining. As well, places of worship, concert venues and theatres are limited to a maximum of 30 people

“I ask everyone to continue following the public health orders and the guidelines to keep yourself and those around you safe. These measures are working when we follow them as the vast majority of Saskatchewan people and businesses are doing,” Moe said.

Chief Medical Health Officer Saqib Shahab explained later that public health measures are either seen as too much or too little depending on whom you are talking to.

“You know they do try to strike a fine balance between minizing cases as long as the guidelines are followed and letting people work and enjoy other amenities as possible.  According to Shahab these measures have to be balanced with economic mental, health and social costs of stricter measures.

Obviously it does impact some people more than others in terms of what their interests are,” Shahab said.

“The downward trend shows that if all of us abide by public health principles it has a significant impact on our case numbers. Making measures more stringent would always be an option, unfortunately, if our case numbers ramped up,” Shahab said.

Moe explained that the gradual decline in case numbers can be seen in 232 cases reported Thursday and a seven-day average of 254, down from 321 on Jan. 12. He added that active cases are down to 2,665 which are the lowest since late November and down from the peak of 4,763 on Dec. 7.

The province also began issuing tickets to establishments that fail to abide by public health orders.

Tickets of $14,000 each were issued Tuesday morning to Crackers and the Crazy Cactus in Saskatoon and Stats Cocktails and Dreams in Regina.

“There have been a small number of mainly bars and restaurants who may not have been following (orders), putting their staff, putting their customers and essentially putting their communities at risk.,” Moe said.

Moe said that he had asked for an increase in enforcement and that was one reason the tickets were issued.

“There have been three tickets with significant fines that have been issued to bars in Saskatoon and Regina. Some other investigations are ongoing and they may result in additional fines,” Moe said.

According to both Moe and Shahab, issuing fines and penalties are a last resort but have become necessary.

“What we really desire is compliance, for everyone to follow all of the public health orders and the guidelines that are in place. That is how we will continue to reduce our case numbers so that hopefully in three weeks from now we can start to maybe look at easing some of the restrictions that are in place,” Moe said.

Shahab reminded people to familiarize themselves with guidelines and comply as citizens and business owners.

“It’s not just up to the business owner. As a customer in a retail location or restaurant or bar, it is up to us to comply. I think when we don’t comply we put our friends, family, the business, the community at risk,” Shahab said.

When asked by why these businesses had their names and fines released Moe said that they should be released.

“It’s our hope that we wouldn’t have to release any more as compliance is always the effort. I have said over the course of the last few weeks that we are going to be and I was encouraging all of those involved to increase the enforcement,” Moe said.