Prince Albert woman headed to Hawaii after winning $1 million lottery prize

Winners at the Sask Lotteries office in Saskatoon, SK, May 22, 2024. Photo Electric Umbrella/Liam Richards

Prince Albert’s Diane Pugh is Saskatchewan’s newest millionaire after winning $1 million on a Western Max lottery ticket.

Pugh won by matching all seven numbers—1, 3, 28, 43, 44, 45, and 48—on one of 14 Western Max $1 Million Prize draws. The win was unexpected.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Pugh said in a press release.

“It was a shock at first, but now it just feels like a weight has lifted off my shoulders. We don’t have to think twice about our finances now.”

The win was so unexpected Pugh initially thought she had won $100,000 instead of $1 million.

“It’s hard to count all those zeros on the screen,” she said. “I thought it was $100,000 so I took it to the cashier. He scanned the ticket and asked; ‘Do you know what you won?’”

Pugh said the first order of business is to by a new vehicle for her family. She learned about her win shortly before her husband took his truck into the shop for some expensive repair work.

“My husband was waiting for me in the car. I got in and told him not to bother taking his truck to the shop. We’re going to buy a new one,” Pugh said.

After that, Pugh said she plans on taking a trip to Hawaii and speaking with a financial advisor before deciding what to do with the rest.

Pugh purchased her winning ticket at the Canadian Tire Gas+ store on Marquis Rd. in Prince Albert.