Prince Albert Catholic Division preparing for Catholic Education Week

Herald file photo.

Catholic Education Week runs from May 6 to 10 and the Prince Albert Catholic School Division is planning events ahead of the week.

The theme of Catholic Education Week this year is “We are Called to Love” and this recognition that the world is in need of love and individuals can show their faith through their actions. Students in all Catholic divisions will take time to pray and celebrate Catholic education.

“It is coming up and we’re always looking forward to celebrate our Catholic Education Week,” director of education Lorel Trumier said.

Trumier explained that Catholic Education Week is important because it celebrates how special Catholic education is in Saskatchewan.

“It’s really the time that we get to celebrate our opportunity to share the gift of Catholic education, and so it focuses on what we do in our Catholic schools. Not every province nor every school, have the opportunity to have a faith dimension that’s shared. And so we get to celebrate there in the special way,” she said.

“So there’ll be prayers and there’ll be liturgies and those kinds of things, special activities occurring,” Trumier said.

Next week they will also announce the winners of the Catholic Education Service Awards for 2024.

“There is a theme, an overall theme that’s ‘We are Called to Love’ and then there’s an individual thing for each day that we’re going to pray on and reflect upon,” Trumier said.

Each day of the week will also have a special reflection or sub-theme which is added to ‘We Are Called to Love…’. The sub-theme on Monday, May 6 ‘…As People of Hope’, on Tuesday, May 7  it is ‘…As People of Faith, on Wednesday, May 8 it is ‘…As People of Mercy, on Thursday, May 9 it is ‘…As People of Justice’ and on Friday, May 10 it is ‘…As People of Joy.’

On May 9, Catholic Schools in Saskatchewan will mark World Catholic Education Day with a Liturgy

Trumier said she is also looking forward to inspiration from the Diocese.

“The bishops will be writing the letter to the to the parishioners of our area here, our diocese and looking forward to having that inspirational letter,” Trumier said.