Positive case of COVID-19 linked to PACI

The Sask Rivers Education Centre/ Daily Herald File Photo

On Tuesday evening the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) identified a positive case of COVID-19 in an individual at Prince Albert Collegiate Institute (PACI) in Prince Albert.

Late Wednesday the Saskatchewan Rivers School Division provided an update which included a message from Public Health:

“Public Health has conducted an investigation and have approved the Food Studies 10 and Wellness 10 classes can return to in-school learning.  Public Health is contacting those individuals deemed close contacts and will be placing them on a mandatory 14-day isolation.  We will not be contacting all students in the affected classes as the measures in place in the school have decreased the risk of transmission.  We are asking that all students and staff self-monitor for symptoms and if symptoms present to isolate and call 811.”

“Public Health was very efficient, professional and supportive of students, staff and families in this process.  They are doing demanding work and continue to provide good service despite the challenges.  Public Health officials did commend the staff and students at PACI for having sound practices in place and for the thorough implementation of those practices.  We know that masks, hand hygiene and physical distancing are not magical in virus prevention but those safety protocols substantially reduce the risk of transmission,” Saskatchewan Rivers School Division director of education Robert Bratvold said in a release

According to the release, the school division was informed late on Tuesday Oct. 20 and communication has been shared with the classroom/cohort, connected staff and the school community.    

“The Health Authority will continue to assess the case as they provide contact tracing and communications with all close contacts.”

Learning will continue remotely for those students affected.  As soon as the Heath Authority determines the duration of the isolation, that information will be shared with students, families and staff.

According to the division, due to privacy concerns, further details of the case will not be shared.

 “Our school plans contain many important measures, processes and protocols which add layers of protection for students and staff. Prince Albert Collegiate Institute will remain open for in-person classes for all students not required to isolate while maintaining the safety protocols that are in place,” the release stated.

Saskatchewan Rivers explained that all individuals share responsibility for minimizing the transmission of COVID-19.

Bratvold extended appreciation to staff, students and families in the school community for the support as the division responded to this event and the pandemic as a whole.

“We all share responsibility for minimizing the transmission of COVID-19.  SRPSD appreciates the support of families and community members who continue to be diligent in self-monitoring for COVID symptoms, staying home if ill or symptomatic, practicing proper hand hygiene, using a mask when appropriate and maintaining physical distancing,” Bratvold said.