Peace can be noisy and bright

Samantha Humphreys appears peaceful, even though her life is very busy. She’s a young mother, a theology student and the youth minister at Calvary United Church. She has a full life.

Sam (as she is known) defines peace as “balance.” She finds her peace in the midst of her loud and active extended family. The isolation of the pandemic helped her to cherish her family even more… which includes her church family.

“I never realized how much it meant to me…my actiive and loving family.”

Even though she lives a boisterous life, Sam pairs “peace” with “quiet”. She visualizes the quiet of winter, the sparkling white carpet of snow. She loves the Christmas decorations and the traditions of Advent candles. She finds peace in rituals of the church.

“I see peace in the midst of family life and being with them. My family is far reaching and that extends into my church family. Family has a very wide definition.”

Sam also links “joy” and “peace”.

“As someone who is extroverted, I find peace even if it is loud and crowded. As someone who is loved, I find peace around people who bring me love.”

For Sam the opposite of peace is imbalance. Growing up in a large family, she has often witnessed disagreements, but she says balance can be restored when people take time to reflect.

Sometimes Sam seeks out quiet, centering moments when she is looking for balance in her life. To restore balance she takes time out to reflect. She balances care for the physical side of her life with care for the spiritual. She takes time to be with God, seeking inner peace.

To find peace within a group of people she listens to everybody’s story. She listens to make sure that everybody feels heard and loved.

“At Christmas we are offered so much peace … from people that we might not otherwise. We are working toward this common goal of making this a special time of year.”

Each year during Advent (the four weeks leading up to Christmas), I challenge myself to write columns on the Advent themes. Last week I told you about The Hope Guy; next week I’ll tell you about a life lived in love. I wish you peace.