Parkland paramedics praised

(Left to right) Ramsay Bellisle, Levon Nagy and Lyle Karasiuk pose after receiving awards at the annual Emergency Medical Services Awards on June 27, 2018. Photo courtesy Office of Lieutenant Governor.

Bianca Bharti, Daily Herald

The province hosted the Emergency Medical Services Awards on Wednesday, and three of the nine recipients are from Prince Albert.

EMS workers Lyle Karasiuk, Levon Nagy and Ramsay Bellisle were recognized for their exemplary service by Lt.-Gov. W. Thomas Molloy at Government House in Regina

“It’s actually quite an honour and most humbling to again be recognized for 30 years in EMS,” said Karasiuk. “It’s absolutely wonderful.”

Karasiuk, director of public affairs at Parkland Ambulance, received the First Bar on top of his Exemplary Service Medal for another 10 years of service as a paramedic. In total, he has served 30 years with the ambulance service and has a long resume of sitting on boards and committees in the community.

Nagy, who’s been with Parkland Ambulance for only two years, was presented with the Star of Life Award which goes to EMS workers who’ve represented outstanding commitment and acts of bravery.

Lt.-Gov. Molloy said he was quite impressed by Nagy’s courage and quick thinking that landed him the award.

“It’s always wonderful to meet outstanding people from [Saskatchewan] who provide exemplary service to the province and their communities…,” said the lieutenant-governor. “Their careers require exceptional services.”

Last year around Mother’s Day, while transporting a patient in the ambulance, Nagy’s ambulance was almost struck head on by an impaired driver travelling on the wrong side of the road. He quickly steered the other way, causing the car to hit the side of the ambulance instead. Because of that, everyone made it out safe with only minor injuries.

Bellisle received the Governor General EMS Exemplary Service medal for an exceptional 20 years of service. Also Chief Warrant officer and Sgt.-Maj. of the North Saskatchewan Regiment, with service in the armed forces for 24 years, Bellisle has dedicated his life to ensuring Canadians are safe.

“It feels surreal,” he said. “To be recognized and hear the kind words of the lieutenant-governor,… and hear your coworkers name your achievements, it becomes quite humbling.”

Bellisle brought his family along, sharing in the honour with him. “Twenty years of me missing Christmases, birthdays, anniversaries,… they all shared that with me as well,” he said.

Each of the paramedics passed off the credit to one another, remaining humble. Instead of talking much about their own achievements, they highlighted the achievements and camaraderie of their fellow colleagues.

“I’ve worked with a lot of people over the last 20 years… you tend to [form] a brotherhood with everybody,” Bellisle said.

Karasiuk added, “We take really great pride in our profession and the individuals that were present today represent north to south, east to west of our great province and I’m very proud of all of them.”