Paper Excellence submits environmental impact statement to Ministry of Environment

paper excellence photo

Paper Excellence announced on Monday that the company’s Prince Albert Pulp Inc mill restart project has submitted its environmental impact statement (EIS) to the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment.

The EIS is a critical part of the environmental permitting process and marks another significant step in the process towards restarting the dormant pulp mill, which has been down since 2006.

“Submitting our environmental impact statement is a critical step forward for the project,” Carlo Dal Monte, Project Operations Director for the Prince Albert Pulp Inc. restart said in a release.

“We look forward to the Ministry of Environment’s thorough and timely review of our EIS.” 

Paper Excellence recently commissioned public opinion polling that showed 93 percent of Saskatchewan residents support the restart of the pulp mill.

“We are very encouraged by the enthusiasm that we have encountered in the process up to this point, and we were happy to see that confirmed in recent polling,” Dal Monte added.

The Prince Albert pulp restart project remains subject to market conditions and permitting approvals.