One COVID-19 case connected to St. Michael Community School

Daily Herald File Photo

he Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) has identified a positive COVID-19 cases in an individual at St. Michael Community School in Prince Albert.

In a news release on Sunday evening the division explained that communication has been shared with the specific classrooms/cohorts, as well as the school communities.

This comes after two cases were connected to the school on March 17. In their release the Prince Albert Catholic School Division did not state whether the case was deemed as school acquired. The cases on Thursday were not deemed as school acquired.

“The Saskatchewan Health Authority is proceeding with their assessment of the situation, and all individuals deemed to be close contacts will be provided instructions.”

As is the case in all cases in the division no further information will be made available citing privacy concerns.

“We want to reassure families of St. Michael Community School that the school will continue to operate for in-person classes while maintaining the safety protocols that are in place,” the release added.

The cohorts and individuals impacted by the case is being notified and provided instruction. The students and families will be receiving updates using the Edsby platform.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with this member of our school community, and we hope they are doing well.”
They emphasized that everyone has a shared responsibility to decrease the risk of COVID-19 entering schools.

“Thank you to everyone for continuing to be diligent in performing daily health screening, staying home if ill, calling HealthLine 811 if exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms, practicing proper hand hygiene, maintaining physical distancing as much as possible, wearing a mask when appropriate and doing everything we can to keep each other safe,” the release stated.

The division also strongly urge everyone to continue to follow all Public Health Orders and protocols.