Musician pens song about P.A.

Photo courtesy LJ Tyson.

LJ Tyson’s newest single to debut on June 13

A local musician is set to release his new single in the coming weeks, and it’s all about Prince Albert.

‘Locals’ is the upcoming track from LJ Tyson Kimbley, known professionally as LJ Tyson.

The song is a departure for Tyson, who to this point has performed punk, rock and pop music. ‘Locals’ is his first foray into country.

It’s a way for him to return to his roots, while also exploring his own maturation as an artist.

“It’s kind of a spin in the right direction,” he said. “Growing up, I have been behind the scenes at so many shows where country music has been the main focus. My parents have played in a lot of backup bands that have been for country music artists. It’s always been a part of me and country music has always been something that I’ve enjoyed, but never really been able to write.”

That changed as Tyson began work on his upcoming album.

“As I’ve been writing, it’s been coming our more and more as country, and more along my roots, where I started,” he said.

It’s my first time professionally putting out a country music song, but country music has always been a part of me. This is a very organic process for me. It’s just a part of growing up. It’s something that naturally happens as a part of me becoming an adult.”

That upcoming album will be released early next year. For now, Tyson is working on ‘Locals’, a song about the different places he’s lived, from P.A., to Saskatoon, to La Ronge, where he now works.

“I’ve had so many awesome opportunities in music. Up until I wrote this song I’ve been pretty selfish with writing music. I’ve written a lot of music for myself,” he said.

“But this is the first time I’ve ever written something that is so rooted in other people’s experiences. My favourite thing to do is just take a drive around P.A. and just see what’s happening in the city. This song draws from … driving around, especially downtown.”

The upcoming music video, a partnership with the city, will also highlight downtown P.A.

“People don’t appreciate downtown Prince Albert enough. There are so many great local businesses tucked away there, so many great places to eat and so many awesome people to just sit around and visit with and tell stories. That’s what this song is about.”

For the music video, Tyson and the city are recruiting local dancers, professional or amateur, to be a part of the project.

The application can be found on the LJ Tyson Facebook page.

The single itself comes out on June 13, the associated music video at a later date still to be determined.

‘The thing I enjoy about these places is its sense of community,” Tyson said. “I love being from Prince Albert.