Making history class real

Alexie Beaulac plays the role of Anne Frank in St. Mary High School’s upcoming production of the Diary of Anne Frank. © Josef Jacobson/Daily Herald

St. Mary High School brings ‘the Diary of Anne Frank’ to the stage

In St. Mary High School’s latest theatrical production, drama teacher Jason Van Otterloo is hoping to make the historical current.

From Wednesday, Nov. 23 to Sunday, Nov. 26 St. Mary’s Upstage Productions is staging a production of the Diary of Anne Frank.

Van Otterloo had read the play 20 years ago but revisited the work over the summer and realized it would be a great opportunity for high school students to put themselves in a situation “that is almost unfathomable to us today,” and then realize this is still happening in parts of the world.

“It was time for us to do something that’s just as much for the students as it is for the audience. To go, ‘There’s something here we need to talk about.’ To take a history class and make it real, even if it is only real for one hour and 45 minutes,” he said.

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