In his own words — Ward 3 candidate Lee Atkinson

Former councillor Lee Atkinson represented Ward 3 for 16 years. He’s running again this fall to seek another term in his old seat. -- Jason Kerr/Daily Herald

We asked candidates nine questions about their
vision for the city, what makes them the best candidate and where they stand on local issues. The questions, and their answers, have been combined and edited for grammar and length. The Municipal election is set for Monday.

Lee Atkinson writes:

First I believe there needs to be a value for money audit of all departments in the city with a review of all expenditures and services and staffing levels including all management positions.

Citizens need to be engaged in the decisions that affect them with meaningful dialogue in order to make better decisions.

Projects need to be entered into with transparency, planning of what facilities might change their current operations and services or programming when new facilities are brought on line . With disclosure of the projected operating costs up front so we all know what we are getting into.

In the area I live crime is a real problem , we need to have an office of the safer communities located in this city to address chronic problem areas. Adoption of housing standards would improve where people live . Closer partnerships with community groups is needed, they do so much but city needs to be at those tables as well.

Reserve funds need to be replenished in order to achieve and secure future benefits, such as affordable housing in order to participate with senior levels of government when funding is available.

Have lived in ward 3 for over 40 years and still live there. Sixteen years experience on council and currently retired so could be a full-time council member.