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Home Opinion A Holiday message from the Daily Herald newsroom

A Holiday message from the Daily Herald newsroom

A Holiday message from the Daily Herald newsroom

T’is the night before Christmas, and all through P.A.

People hustle and bustle to prepare for the big day.

The decorations are set, lights shining bright,

Sparkling with colour in cold prairie night.

Stores are closed up, workers gone home

‘Cept for those spending holidays alone.

Our editor’s in his office, typing away

When the sound of cars honking disturbs his day.

He looks out the window, to check what’s the matter,

To see an unfortunate collision, complete with spatter.

He grabs his camera and runs to the street,

A fresh layer of snow freezing his feet.

The culprit flew through the sign, failing to yield

That seems to be why the tires had squeeled.

Weather’s a factor, he didn’t slow down.

Driving carelessly makes our editor frown.

But snow isn’t the only reason it seems

The driver , off another car careems

He climbs out of the front, and much like Mick Jagger

Can’t walk a straight line, down the street he does stagger.

A can of beer can be seen open inside

Consumption of alcohol it seemed, turned the tide,

Made this car crash, all was not right

Impaired driving led to this unfortunate sight!

Our editor sighed, and looked at the beer.

This could have been avoided: remember reindeer!

Operation Red Nose is running, to get people home

So they don’t drink and drive and skid through the snow

But something isn’t right about this scene,

It turns out it was all just a dream!

Our editor awakes, warm in his bed

Thankful nobody ended up dead.

The lesson, he knows, is don’t drink and drive

If home you want to safely arrive.

And so, readers, the message is clear,

Make thorough plans before going for beer.

For impaired driving is never a good sight,

Especially not on this holiday night.

Enjoy your time off, spend it with family and cheer

Maybe our editorial won’t be so cheesy next year.