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Group organizes fundraising supper for Ukraine

Group organizes fundraising supper for Ukraine
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Volunteers from St. George’s Catholic Church will put their cooking skills to the test as part of a fundraising supper for Ukraine.

Attendees can enjoy a Ukrainian feast, including borshch, pierogies, cabbage rolls, and more for $40 per plate, with the funds going towards Come Back Alive—a charity that supports members of the Ukrainian forces with non-lethal equipment.

“They wanted to do something to support Ukraine’s forces, and Come Back Alive is probably one of the most active charities right now in Ukraine,” said Taras Kachkowski, one of three people helping organize the event.

“It’s a situation where it’s important to care for our fellow human beings and give our support that way. There are people just trying to live regular peaceful lives, and they certainly appreciate any help that they can get in returning to peaceful life as soon as possible.”

Come Back Alive provides protective equipment, medical care, and mental health services for members of the Ukrainian forces. Kachkowski said the charity began operating seven years ago when the tensions first erupted between the Ukrainian military and groups of Russian backed separatists.

Since then, the charity’s efforts have only grown.

“They’re remarkably transparent in what they do,” Kachkowski explained. “They’ve got a spread sheet that lists every single donation they’ve ever had. They’ve got another spreadsheet that says, ‘here’s what we spent it on. I don’t even see that kind of readily available transparency in a lot of charities here.

“They’re very open, they’re very transparent, and their missions is a peaceful one, even though they’re focused on helping Ukrainian forces.”

Kachkowski added that Ukrainian citizens never asked for war, or the destruction and loss of life that comes with it. He’s hopeful Prince Albert residents will come out and support the event, and enjoy a good meal while they’re at it.

The Ukraine Fundraising Supper is scheduled for March 26 at the St. George Ukrainian Catholic Church Hall. The hall has a capacity limit of 140 people, but tickets are available for those who want their food to go.

Tickets are available at Ukreations in the Gateway Mall, or by calling 306-960-8036. Kachkowski encouraged attendees to buy their tickets in advance so they know how much food to prepare.