Flu shots available now

Photo courtesy NIAID/Flickr.

Saskatchewan residents can now get their free flu shots.

Public health clinics, local pharmacies and some doctor’s offices will have free flu shots starting on Oct. 22. Flu shots are recommended for those at higher risk, including seniors, people with underlying chronic conditions, children under five and pregnant women. According to a press release, seniors often have chronic health conditions such as heart or lung disease, or diabetes, and weaker immune systems, which makes them particularly vulnerable to complications from influenza.

“Influenza can cause serious illness and may lead to complications, hospitalization and even death,” Saskatchewan’s chief medical health officer Dr. Saqib Shahab said in a press release.

“Don’t wait. Get your flu shot early in the season to protect yourself, your family and those to whom you provide care.”

The publicly-funded vaccination program offers the injectable vaccine, which provides protection against the four different flu virus strains most likely to circulate this season.

“This year the province is providing Fluzone® High Dose vaccine for long-term-care residents 65 and older,” a press release read.

“This vaccine offers improved protection for seniors, especially the elderly. Also, starting this year the role of pharmacists has been expanded to allow them to administer the free flu shot to residents five years and older, during home visits, and in congregate living settings.”

For more information, call your public health office, HealthLine 811 or visit www.4flu.ca. Information is also available at www.saskatchewan.ca/flu.