Febee assists in arrest

Police Service Dog Febee. Prince Albert Police Service.

Trio of men in stolen car caught with help from police dog

Thanks to the assistance of police dog Febee, three men found in a stolen car have been apprehended.

In the early morning hours on Thursday, at 2:52 a.m., patrol officers located a car filling up at a gas startion in the 2600 block of Second Avenue West that matched the description of a vehicle police were searching for.

Patrol vehicles pulled up behind the vehicle. Occupants quickly finished filling up as and sped away. The vehicle turned into the wrong lane travelling northbound on second Avenue West into incoming traffic.

Officers activated lights and sirens and followed the vehicle at a distance. After taking several turns it was found traveling northbound through 15th Street on Fourth avenue. It attempted to turn onto 13th Street West when it lost control and hit a house in the 300 Block of 13th Street West. Three men and a woman fled the vehicle.

Police set up containment and Constable CHow and PSD Febee began a track. A man was arrested at the scene and two other men were captured by officers within a block. All three were arrested without incident.

The woman was not located. The vehicle was confirmed stolen and towed.

A 26-year-old man from Sturgeuon lake has been charged with possession of propertu under $5,000, obstructing an officer by providing a false name, being at large of an undertaking, operating a motor vehicle while pursued by a peace officer attempting to evade and failing to stop, operating a vehicle in a manner dangerous to the public and failing to remain at the scene.

A 25-year-old man from Prince Albert has been charged with possession of property not exceeding $5,000.

A 35-year-old from the area has also been charged with possession of property not exceeding $5,000, transporting ammunition for a 12-guage shotgun in a careless manner and being at large of a recognizance.

All three were due in court Thursday.