Council backs Crowns

Herald file photo.

Prince Albert City Council is formally calling on the provincial government to abandon any plans to sell off Saskatchewan’s Crown corporations.

On Monday, city councillors voted 7-1 to approve a motion that will see the city draft a letter opposing Bill 40 and any plans to sell of Saskatchewan’s Crowns, either in whole or in part.

Ward 7 Coun. Dennis Nowoselsky brought the motion forward during the council session. He said selling any of Saskatchewan’s 22 crowns would harm Prince Albert residents more than it would help them.

“They (crown corporations) make money for the province that helps us fund the expenses to run a decent province, so why would we sell?” Nowoselsky explained in an interview.

Since passing the motion, Nowoselsky said he’s received a lot of support from Prince Albert residents, but there are a few complaints. He talked to one resident who felt city councillors should stay out of provincial politics, but Nowoselsky said municipal politicians have to speak up on issues that affect the city.

“If the province loses money, the city is going to get less money. Taxes will go up, our people will get hurt, services will be reduced.”

Nowoselsky added that he was confident a majority of Prince Albert residents would reject a bid to buy the Crowns.

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