Coulic-Salahub offers new perspectives as Catholic Division trustee candidate

Marcia Coulic-Salahub has entered the trustee race in the Prince Albert Catholic School Division./Submitted

A new candidate in the Prince Albert Catholic School Division for the position of trustee is Marcia Coulic-Salahub. Coulic-Salahub feels that she has a unique perspective to the voices around the board table.

 “I think I have a fresh approach. The Catholic School Board is doing an excellent job at what they are doing especially during the COVID pandemic. But I think that I can help them continue with their goals of focusing on Catholic education for our children,”

Coulic-Salahub explained that she is involved in the Catholic Church and takes an active role with programming.  Her oldest child graduated from École St. Mary High School and youngest attends now.

She is married to a teacher at a Catholic school who also serves as a deacon in the Catholic Church. She also worked briefly as a substitute secretary in the Catholic Division.

“My youngest son is in Grade 9 he just started and so of course I have got that perspective that I have children right in there.”

Catholic education is important to Coulic-Salahub because it should be a choice for parents.

“I think it is important that parents have a right to choose the best education for their children. Catholic education should be a part of one of those choices if they choose to do that. It should provide quality education that has a spiritual element in it,” she said.

“It should remain one of the choices of the parents to help with the children because I believe that children are our future,” she said.

She explained that the students of today would eventually be taking care of everyone.  

“They are going to be running our government and to have a basis of a strong education with that strong faith element in it is very important to not only them but to us as well,” she said.

Eventually, they are going to be running and making the decisions for us when we are too old to do that.”

She explained that it would give a different perspective than others who are currently on the board of education.

“I like the work that is being done in the Catholic School system right now, I would like to help support that by becoming a Catholic School board trustee. I think that my fresh approach to Catholic schools, my openness to learn and to face challenges head on will be a very definite asset to the Catholic School board,” she said.

There are currently two vacant trustee seats in the City of Prince Albert.