CIBC donates to Rose Garden Hospice

Left to Right Ralph Boychuk (fundraising committee member),Chad Gareau (CIBC), Marina Mitchell (board of directors), Pierre Leblanc (CIBC), Malcolm Jenkins (Rose Garden Hospice donor)

Rose Garden Hospice is one step closer to their fundraising goal after a $20,000 donation from CIBC on Monday afternoon.

Prince Albert CIBC representative Pierre Leblanc said the bank found out about the cause through Canadian Tire owner Malcolm Jenkins, who has also donated to the hospice.

“It’s a good program. It sounds like by the numbers that they’re almost there and we’re hoping other people come forward to make that happen as well,” Leblanc said.

He added that CIBC sees this donation as an change to benefit the people of Prince Albert and surrounding area.

“It gives us an opportunity to be part of people and their final stages of life. Prince Albert and area will benefit from having such a place,” Leblanc said.

Marina Mitchell, who is on the hospice board of directors, said with this donation the group has raised just over $2.5 million. That means they are just $1.5 million away from their total goal of $4 million.

“It’s wonderful to get something from CIBC. It’s a great, generous donation and I guess now we’re just urging all banks to jump on board. That would be wonderful,” Mitchell said on Monday.

Mitchell said the group still hopes to start construction in the spring.

The hospice will include 10 beds for patients, two family rooms and a kitchen. It’s named after Mitchell’s mother who passed away from cancer over twelve years ago.