Changes made to COVID-19 guidance for sports, restaurants and performing arts

(File photo/Jayda Taylor)

On Wednesday the province updated guidance in the Re-Open Saskatchewan plan around graduations, sports and performing arts.

“Note that the risk of transmission of COVID-19 remains high, with the risk variants of concern throughout the province. The Ministry of Health will continue to review all guidance relative to this risk and may be updated at any point, as required. Planned events and activities must abide by the guidance in place at the time of the event/activity,” the release explained.

The update for graduations explained that in-person graduations must be held outdoors and are limited to 30 guests (assuming two guests per graduate and a maximum of five teachers/support staff for a total of 45 participants) while virtual graduations are permitted with no more than 30 graduates attending in-person and all guests attending virtually.

All other public health measures must be followed, including maintaining a minimum of two metres of physical distancing between household groups.  No food or beverages are permitted.

The guidance for graduations for the month of June will be re-evaluated on May 17, 2021. 

Guidance will be reviewed based on the COVID-19 situation in the province, including positive cases and the rates of immunization.

Sports changes coming into effect Thursday include the age distinction being removed for group training and conditioning for both team and individually practiced sports both indoors and out. This means individuals 19+ can follow the same format as 18 and under have been using for training and conditioning in groups.

In addition, dance has been moved from the sports guidelines to the performing arts guidelines.  The change to allow for participants 19+ will also apply to this group groups of eight, plus a coach or two , non-contact only, three metres of physical distancing among all participants, masking as directed in the Re-open Saskatchewan Plan, training and conditioning only. Competition remains prohibited for all ages in team sports

The rules for restaurants and licensed establishments has changed and for indoor dining, seating must be arranged in a way that ensures at least two metres of physical distancing between patrons where physical barriers are present and three metres where physical barriers are absent. As well, no physical barriers are required for outdoor seating (e.g. patio) areas, as long as patrons are spaced two metres apart.