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Home News Carrier pleads guilty in triple homicide and attempted murder case

Carrier pleads guilty in triple homicide and attempted murder case

Carrier pleads guilty in triple homicide and attempted murder case
Prince Albert Court of Queen's Bench. Herald File Photo.

A man accused of killing his parents and seven-year-old son, and attempting to kill his five-year-old daughter plead guilty to all charges at Prince Albert Court of Queen’s Bench Wednesday morning.

Friends and family of the victims wept quietly as Nathaniel Carrier, pled guilty to two counts of second-degree murder in connection with the death of his parents, Denis Carrier and Sandra Henry, one count of first-degree murder in connection with the death of his son Bentlee, and one count of attempted murder for the attack on his daughter Kendrah. Sentencing is scheduled for April 13.

Family friend Megan Goulden was among a group of six people who attended Wednesday’s hearing. She said it was difficult to see Carrier in court, and even more difficult to listen to the charges.

“When they read Bentlee’s charge (first degree murder) I just kind of looked up at the ceiling and started crying,” Goulden said on Thursday. “Same with Kendrah.”

Goulden said the family needs time to process what happened. She said the past two years have been hard on the family.

“I think it will be easier when he’s fully sentenced and in jail,” she said. “Right now, we knew he was just in custody, and he’s just sitting there.”

Goulden is a longtime friend of Kendrah and Bentlee’s mother, Heather-Lynn, and her parents. However, she also knew Carrier’s parents, Denis and Sandra. She described the couple as generous and friendly people who would never let you leave without offering a snack and a cup of tea.

Goulden remembered Bentlee as an active and excited boy who always took care of those around him, including his sister Kendrah.

“For him being seven, he was so kind,” Goulden remembered. “He would put everybody first. He would make sure everybody was okay.”

Madame Justice A.R. Rothery agreed to a separate sentencing date after a pointed discussion with the defence about a pre-sentence report, which was not available on Wednesday.

Defence lawyer Angus McLean told the court there was a miscommunication with the Crown, and asked for the report before making submissions. Crown prosecutor Douglas Howell said they were prepared for a sentencing on Wednesday, or at a later date if necessary.

Prince Albert Chief of Police Jon Bergen released a statement Wednesday evening calling the murders “an unimaginable and horrific tragedy for our community.” He said the department’s thoughts continue to be with the victims’ friends and family.

“From the initial response, through the investigation and subsequent court dates, our police officers and Victim Services members have worked closely with loved ones to offer information and support,” Bergen’s statement reads. “As professionals, there is no way to prepare for such tragedies and we too have been impacted by the devastating loss of such loving and close-knit members of our community.

“I want to once again commend our police officers, our Victim Services team, and our civilian members for their compassion in managing this very challenging investigation. Their professionalism and experience were instrumental throughout the investigative and court process.”

Prince Albert police found the bodies of 56-year-old Denis Carrier and his wife Sandra Henry, also 56, along with seven-year-old Bentlee in a Prince Albert home at around 4 p.m. on March 29, 2020. Police discovered Kendrah alive. She was transported to hospital in serious condition before recovering and returning home to a hero’s welcome in May 2020.