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Bringing down the Rawlinson

Bringing down the Rawlinson
The Northern Plains Dancers perform at the Prince Albert Winter Festival Country North Show on Wednesday, Feb. 23. -- Photo by Marjorie Roden.

Marjorie D.L. Roden

Special to the Herald

Wednesday night was the opening night of the annual Country North Show as part of the annual Prince Albert Winter Festival.

Performers were happy to be back on stage warming up their vocal chords on a cold winter night.

“It feels great,” veteran performer Maurice Villeneneuve said. “People are waiting for the Winter Festival. It wouldn’t be the Winter Festival without the Country North Show.”

The show’s producer, Kim Villenueve, was equally as enthusiastic about the show. She co-produced the show last year with Barry Mihilewicz. This year is her first solo effort.

“It’s been amazing,” she said. “I have an awesome cast (and) an awesome band.”

Villenueve is also one of the back-up singers with the show, and she’s not the only member of her family performing. Her 15-year-old daughter, Jaelyn Furber, also took the stage, something Villenueve is quite proud of.

Furber was equally as proud of her mum.

“My mum is producing the show this year, so I decided I would audition,” Furber said. “It was an iffy decision, but I decided to go in it for the sole purpose of not being able to do a live show last year. This year, it was a live show, so I thought it would be a good opportunity.”

Of course, all shows of this nature have surprises that dance their way onto the stage. In this case, it was the last-minute addition of the Northern Prairie Dancers. The six-member square dancing group rounded out the first set of the show.

According to Ashla Michel, the dance troupe got involved through Trina Joseph.

“We were dancing at the Kids’ Festival today and she asked us today, so we’re here,” Michel said.

The show concludes Thursday night Tickets are $20 plus a Winter Festival Button. Come on out to support local performers.