Be aware of ATV rules: police

Photo courtesy Pixabay

The Saskatchewan RCMP is calling on members of the public to make sure they’re aware of traffic laws and regulations in place for ATVs.

A press release sent out from the Cumberland House RCMP Friday notes the vehicles are a common mode of transportation in northern communities, not only for recreation or hunting.

While the All Terrain Vehicles Act doesn’t apply to ATV use on private land, it does set out rules and regulations for operations on public land. Drivers must be at least 16 years old and hold a valid driver’s licence, with the exception of kids between the ages of 12 and 15 who have passed an approved training course or are supervised by someone who has held a driver’s licence continuously for the last 365 days. Youth aged 12-15 cannot drive on roads, but may cross roads. The supervising driver can be riding a different ATV or on the same vehicle as the youth.

Riders are required to wear an approved helmet while operating in public areas, and it is strongly recommended that helmets also be worn while riding on private land.

Operating an ATV while impaired by drugs or alcohol is illegal on public and private land, and is treated the same as operating a motor vehicle on the street, road or highway while impaired.

“Please take time to review Saskatchewan’s All Terrain Vehicles Act prior to operating an ATV on public land, as there are fines that could be issued if caught violating sections of the act on public land or road,” the RCMP said.

“Always wear appropriate safety gear and operate the ATV in a safe manner. Safety is our priority.”