Balancing act

Adam Kadlec ---- Dustin Saracini/Daily Herald

Carson Miller, Zack Hayes and Adam Kadlec talk about their lives outside of the rink and inside the classroom

Hockey takes up about 70 per cent of an everyday WHL players’ life during the winter season.

Of course, that is a number I just made up, but for the sake of this piece let’s try to remember how many hours they truly spend at the rink, perfecting their craft. The 70 per cent consists of practice, road trips, rare days off with teammates, and of course, game night. But what about the other 30? The latter half of this equation is reserved for family, friends and education.

For the Prince Albert Raiders, numerous players will slip out of the back door of the Art Hauser Centre, head over to Carlton Comprehensive High School for their everyday classes, then make their way back to the arena for practice. While having the chance to talk to three of those student athletes, it became apparent that they take their education just as seriously as they do their game in between the boards. The challenge is trying to balance it all.

“It definitely can be difficult at times,” rookie forward Carson Miller said.

“It takes a lot of commitment and a lot of work, that’s for sure … the teachers are great they have to spend some extra time with you and they are very good with that.”

Zack Hayes says the team is equipped with incredible tutors, as well as hours of study hall per week with dedicated teachers who ensure the students understand the course material.

Adam Kadlec has taken a different route to his schooling, working with International Connections Academy, an online educative program in which he is excelling in. The course load provides the forward with some flexibility in the NCAA approved curriculum, enabling him to sign into his account from wherever he may be.

“It’s a great way to be able to balance hockey and school at the same time,” Kadlec said.

“I’ve been having a great time in the online school so far in high school and it’s allowed me to graduate a year earlier this year. Also, my trade coming to Prince Albert from Prince George it was a really easy transition over.”

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