ATVs are not toys

by Lyle Karasiuk

The boom in all terrain vehicle (ATV) sales as meant many recreational users have one. In fact, many weekend users have become quite accustomed to having “fun” on their “quad” for the weekend. ATVs are not toys.

Serious injuries can result from improper use of ATVs, but with some preparation and practice, you can safely develop and expand your riding skills.

Spring and warm weather often get us all out on the weekend.

We load up the quad and head out for some fun. Unfortunately, those weekend warriors may not be too familiar with their device or maybe a bit too daring. Everything in moderation.

An ATV is also not a device to walk your dog beside. Nor is it, if not properly equipped, designed to carry more than one person.

Serious injury or even death can result from the operation of an ATV. Why? An ATV lacks a roll bar; it lacks a seat belt; its use on off road terrain makes it more likely to be used on uneven surfaces where the potential to be tipped is greater.

We have ATVs for younger people that “out of the box” might travel quite quickly in an inexperience driver.

Follow these safety reminders for a safe and enjoyable ride:
• Ride off-road only, never on public roads.
• Know your owner’s manual.
• Wear an approved helmet.
• Protect your eyes and body.
• Check the ATV before you ride – is it in good mechanical order
• Ride with others – never alone.
• Know the area and be alert for hazards like fences, sharp drops, or thin ice. Never ride on ice covered with water
• Keep noise levels low.
• Ride sober — no alcohol or drugs.
• Lend your ATV to skilled riders only.
• Preserve the environment.
• Be courteous to all you meet.
• Ride within your skill.
• Respect riding area rules.
• All ATV riders should abide by the following engine cc size and age restrictions: under 70 cc – 6 years of age and older; 70 cc to 90 cc – 12 years of age and older; over 90 cc – 16 years of age and older.
• Make sure that your child has completed an approved rider-training course.
• When riding in a group, place one adult-ridden ATV in front of the ATV ridden by your child and another adult-ridden ATV behind.
• If just one adult and child are riding, the adult-ridden ATV should be in front to better control the speed.
• Never carry a child on your ATV unless the ATV has been designed to carry two people.
• Always bring water, a snack or two, and make sure other people know where you are going and when you expect to be back.
• Pack along a first aid kit – just in case

Proper gear and being responsible in your ATV ride will go a long way to keeping you safe! If an emergency were to happen a first aid course can be an essential piece of caring for someone’s who’s injured.

Despite the pandemic we are training in a safe friendly environment. Call 306-953-8350 to register for an upcoming course.

Wishing those celebrating Easter this coming weekend a joyous and faith filled celebration.