“An honour to be honoured”

Dr. David Stevens speaks during the Second Annual Victoria Hospital Foundation Doctor’s Gala at Plaza 88 on Saturday, April 8. Stevens said it was “an honour to be honoured” at the annual event. -- Jason Kerr/Daily Herald

When Dr. David Stevens first came to Saskatchewan, the first things he noticed were the community spirit and the topography.

After spending roughly a year-in-half in Saskatoon, Stevens moved to Prince Albert in 1990, where he’s been here ever since. It was a bit a change from his home in the United Kingdom, but one he looked forward to.

“It was very, very positive,” Stevens said when asked about his initial impression. “Obviously very different from the scenery … in England. It’s completely flat here, very different, so that took a little bit of getting used to.”

As an eye, ear and throat specialist, Stevens found plenty of work in Prince Albert, which was one of several things that compelled him to stay. Filling a vital role in the community gave him a sense of fulfillment, which helped keep him in the city until his retirement in 2015.

“There was a need here,” he explained. “If you’re needed then you’re much more inclined to stay and provide a service, rather than be one of 25 different people.”

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