1,170 new cases, five more in hospital

A screen shot of the changes in new cases of COVID in Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan’s COVID numbers jumped by well over 1,000 new cases on Jan. 7 with the North Central area seeing a jump of 41 new cases.

That means a total of 217 active cases in the North Central zone and eight people are in hospital, a reduction of one from yesterday. No new deaths were reported in the zone and remain at 89.

None of the North Central hospitalizations are in the ICU.

So far, the zone has had 8,532 cases since the start of the pandemic.

There are 40 active cases in North Central 1, an increase of nine over yesterday, 138 active cases in North Central 2, an increase of 29 over yesterday and North Central has 39 new cases, an increase of three.

The zone reported 152 new doses of vaccine and another 81 people now fully vaccinated for a total of 60,558.

Provincially, active cases now sit at 6,254 and there are five additional people in hospital. Of the 105 total hospitalizations, 11 people are in the ICU. Over 50 per cent of the hospitalized people were not fully vaccinated.

The province is now sorting hospitalizations by those brought on by COVID and those who have the virus but are hospitalized for another reason.

Of the 105 hospitalized people, 49 have a COVID-related illness, 35 are incidental and asymptomatic and 10 have not been determined.

The new cases are located in the Far North West (15), Far North Central (2), Far North East (8), North West (39), North Central (41), North East (14), Saskatoon (259), Central West (19), Central East (106), Regina (314), South West (48), South Central (49) and South East (131) zones and 125 new cases have pending residence information.

-Nine cases were assigned to the North West (from April 16, 2021 (1), January 1 (3), January 3 (2)), North Central (from December 31 (1)), Central East (from January 3 (1)), and Regina (from December 31, 2021 (1)) zones

-13 SK residents tested positive out-of-province were added to the case counts in the Saskatoon (from December 30, 2021 (2), January 1 (3), January 4 (2), January 5 (2)), Regina (from January 5 (1)), South West (from January 4 (1)), and South Central (from January 5 (1)) zones, and pending location (from January 2 (1)).

-89,821 cases are confirmed

-22,099 cases are from the Saskatoon area

-20,625 cases are from the North area (9,123 North West, 8,532 North Central, 2,970 North East)

-18,117 cases are from the Regina area

-11,493 cases are from the South area (2,382 South West, 3,410 South Central, 5,701 South East)

-9,521 cases are from the Far North area (4,479 Far North West, 543 Far North Central, 4,499 Far North East)

-6,975 cases are from the Central area (1,621 Central West, 5,354 Central East)

-991 cases have pending residence information

-6,254 cases are considered active and 82,606 cases are considered recovered.

-Almost one-half (46.1 per cent) of new cases are in the age category of 20 to 39.

As of January 7, a total of 105 individuals are hospitalized, including 94 inpatient hospitalizations and 11 ICU hospitalizations. Of the 105 patients, 54 (51.4 per cent) were not fully vaccinated.

The SHA dashboard includes 105 hospitalizations: of those, 49 in-patient hospitalizations are a COVID-19-related illness, 35 are incidental, asymptomatic infections and 10 have not yet been determined.

Eleven residents are in ICUs and one of those is an incidental, asymptomatic infection.

No new death reported today. 961 Saskatchewan residents with COVID-19 have died, with a case fatality rate of 1.1%.

1,348,973 COVID-19 tests have been performed in the province. As of January 5, 2022, when other provincial and national numbers are available from PHAC, Saskatchewan’s per capita rate was 1,136,568 tests performed per million.  The national rate was 1,403,367 tests performed per million.

The 7-day average of new COVID-19 case numbers was 659 (54.7 new cases per 100,000).