Woytowich announces retirement from Kikinahk

Photo courtesy of Kikinahk Friendship Centre, Community Connections. Ron Woytowich announces his retirement, effective Friday, June 7, as Executive Director for the Kikinahk Friendship Centre, a position he held for close to 30 years.

Ron Woytowich, 68, announced his retirement as Executive Director of the Kikinahk Friendship Centre in La Ronge effective Friday, June 7.

It is a position he has held since Jan. 2, 1995, he said in an interview with the Northern Advocate. Woytowich said his retirement would not be a surprise to many as he’s talked about it for the past two years.

Woytowich led Kikinahk through many changes and improvements over his 30 years.

Kikinahk is home to several community-based programs such as: Aboriginal HeadStart, parenting programs, children and youth sport and evening programming, the Scattered-Site Outreach Program and Overnight program, which are held off site.

Over the years, Woytowich brought many employment exploration programs into Kikinahk giving local youth opportunities to explore career options and get work experience.

He has organized the annual Christmas Hamper program, and many community entertainment events, including annually, with the exception of COVID, July 1 community breakfasts. And made Kikinahk open to community members for memorials and other events.

“After dedicating close to 30 years of his life, Ron has put his heart and soul into the organization. We are very thankful and honoured he fully supported the community and the Kikinahk Friendship Centre staff,” Danielle DeBruyne, Kikinahk Friendship Centre President, wrote of Woytowich, wishing him and his wife Sheila “nothing but the best in in their well-deserved retirement.”